Daniel Brühl (photo 3 by Philipp Rathmer)

So handsome. Advertisements

Daniel Brühl (photo 2 by Philipp Rathmer)

I really like the composition of this photo.

Daniel Brühl (photo 1 by Philipp Rathmer)

It’s back to photos this week. I found four photos by the photographer Philipp Rathmer. Here is the first:

Interview with Daniel Brühl on The Countess (auf Deutsch)

Daniel Brühl in 2 Days in New York

I read an article yesterday in Variety by Justin Chang.  It is a review of Julie Delpy’s 2 Days in New York; the sequel to 2 Days in Paris.  The article mentions nothing… Continue reading

Interview with Daniel Brühl on Krabat (English)

I really need to see this movie!    

Interview with Daniel Brühl on Intruders (auf Deutsch)

Intruders was just released in Germany. Here is an interview with Daniel (in German) and some scenes of him in the movie.

Daniel Brühl in Cargo (2006)

What I liked most about this movie was hearing Daniel speak English.  What did you think of the movie? There seemed to be two stories going on and neither was fully developed. I’d… Continue reading

Daniel Brühl in Goodbye Lenin


Daniel Brühl – Toronto Canada 2008

Here is a photo from September 7, 2008, taken in Toronto Canada. No doubt at the time of the Toronto International Film Festival. Check out the website for Scott McDermott (click the photo).… Continue reading