Tuesday – Smokin’ Hot Daniel Brühl


Monday – Smokin’ Hot Daniel Brühl

A leading man smoking a cigarette has been synonymous with sexiness since the beginning of movie making. Who doesn’t love this photo by Hamish Brown?  

Daniel Brühl: Photos by Christian Schoppe

A lot of people have commented on Daniel’s new, very short, hair cut. Here are a few photos by Christian Schoppe of Daniel with gorgeous hair. Have a great weekend Fans.

A Toast for Daniel Brühl

Here is Daniel at a Goya afterparty in a club called Keeper in Spain. Super cute.

Daniel Brühl at the BAFTAs

Why did no one tell me about this? AP Photo 1 week ago Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, right, and German actor Daniel Bruhl (born in Spain), pose for photographs at pre Bafta drinks… Continue reading

Daniel Brühl on the Red Carpet

2012 Goya Awards Photos

Daniel Brühl at the Goyas

Daniel may not have won the Goya, but he has won our hearts. From all your Fans, Daniel we love you.

Good Luck Daniel at the Goyas

Friday – Profiles of Daniel Brühl

Today is our last day in profiles of Daniel. We have a clip from a Spanish film, a German film and a photo from a Spanish photo shoot. I hope you’ve enjoyed these… Continue reading

Thursday – Profiles of Daniel Brühl

Here are three shots of Daniel in profile. He is very handsome and expressive from many angles. Today we see a still from a film, a production shot and a photo from an… Continue reading