I received a speedy reply from Corinth Films. Not only do they have Days to Come, they also have Lila Lila and are discussing a possible release date in early 2012 for both… Continue reading

Die kommenden Tage purchased by Corinth Films

Die kommenden Tage (The Coming Days) has been sold to US and Australian distributors, according to <a href=”;cs=1&amp;cmpid=RSS|News|LatestNews&amp;utm_source=twitterfeed&amp;utm_medium=twitter” rel=”nofollow”>this article from Variety</a>. I’ve just popped off an e-mail to Corinth, the US distributor… Continue reading

Working Hard

We’ve been working on building and updating the site. Some updates have been made to the Filmography page and Trailers/Teasers and Gallery pages have been added. In the works is a page for… Continue reading

Welcome Daniel Brühl Fans

As you can see…we are under construction beginning today, May 14, 2011. Please be patient with us. We are hoping to build an active community for fans of Daniel Brühl where people can… Continue reading