Limited Showing in New York City of Lila, Lila

Hey Fans,

Lila, Lila is coming to Quad Cinema in New York City beginning Friday, May 23 for a limited engagement. This film is one of Daniel Brühl’s earlier gems before he started starring in big Hollywood productions such as Rush and The Fifth Estate.

Corinth Releasing, who owns the US distribution rights for the film, is hoping to get the word out to as many New Yorkers as possible. The idea is to let people know about the movie in New York to generate enough interest to potentially have showings in other US cities. You can be a part of this by helping spread the word and, if you’ve seen the movie, by posting your personal movie review in the comments section of this post. You definitely don’t have to be from New York to do that! The more interest generated the more people have a chance to see this movie and learn what a rare talent Daniel possesses.

There may be a contest or giveaway of the DVD to New York city residents. I’ll have more on that soon. There is also an opportunity to hand out flyers or mini posters in the New York area. This is big news Fans. If you are in the New York city area and want to help out, email me at

You’ll be hearing a lot about this from me for a while so stay tuned. Your humble admin.