Daniel Brühl’s Charity Sneaker for AIDS

Daniel Brühl and Floris van Bommel recently collaborated on a charity sneaker to raise money for the German AIDS program DREAM (Drug resource Enhancement against AIDS and Malnutrition).

I requested and received the official press release and photos of the sneakers, which will be available for sale in the spring of 2012.

According to the press release (translated by an anonymous fan of Good Bye Lenin) Floris van Bommel first contacted Daniel with a letter. In the letter van Bommel talked about himself and Daniel found that they had much in common. He was also impressed by the history of van Bommel: in business since 1734 and shoemaker for the royal Dutch court. Not to mention that he found the shoes to be perfect. Daniel wore a pair of the Dutch shoes for the first time at Cannes in 2009, which were coordinated with the Zegna suit he wore.

The first face-to-face meeting took place at the end of 2010 in Cologne’s Le Moissonnier, one of Daniel’s favorite restaurants. Daniel Brühl and Floris van Bommel: Two people who understood each other immediately, without ever having met before. A collaboration? Definitely! And for a good cause!

DREAM in Africa is the group they’re supporting. “In its health centers, DREAM takes care of young mothers and babies, in addition to its medical care for HIV/AIDS-Patients,“ explains Daniel, who’s one of the best known German actors today and has already acted in over forty productions with classic directors like Leander Haussmann, Wolfgang Becker, Julie Delpy, Quentin Tarantino and Paul Greengrass, and has shared the screen in international films with greats like Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Clive Owen, William Hurt and Lady Judy Dench.

Both Daniel and van Bommel want to use their fame in their respective careers to actively help DREAM. “Untreated, at least half of babies die in the first year of life, and most of the rest of the untreated before their fifth birthdays. Of the approximately 1.4 Million HIV-positive people in Mozambique right now, perhaps 100,000 are children under 15, who were mostly infected by mother-child transmission. We want to do something about that” says van Bommel.

A shared special style from the sneaker collection of FLORIS VAN BOMMEL will be available in the Spring/Summer 2012 collection in German branches from January to March 2012. One hundred percent of proceeds from the project will go to the German AIDS Foundation for DREAM.

Here is the sneaker!

There will be a raffle for the sneaker (open only to European participants) around the time that it is available for sale. I’ll update you when I receive that information.

The shoes are very stylish and the zipper adds an unexpected detail that seems fun but sophisticated…if a sneaker can be sophisticated. I would love to see my guy in these for sure.

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