Review of Et si on vivait tous ensemble?


Daniel Brühl in rehearsal for Et si on vivait tous ensemble?

On the heals of the showing at the 64th Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland comes a review of Et si on vivait tous ensemble? (English title: And if We All Lived Together?) Here are few excerpts from the online article in Variety by Leslie Felperin.


“Five aging baby boomers band together to find an alternative to late-life problems in the likable, efficient French comedy-drama “And if We All Lived Together?” This sophomore feature for Stephane Robelin (“Real Movie”) assembles a tony cast of name Francophone thesps (including Claude Rich and Geraldine Chaplin) together with Jane Fonda — showing off her fluency in French for the first time in nearly 40 years — to forge a timely, only-a-little-sentimental portrait of senior citizens defying the dying of the light. If marketed right, pic could strike a resonant chord, especially with mature auds, both domestically and offshore.”

About Daniel Bruhl and Jane Fonda:

“The script by helmer Robelin errs somewhat on the side of predictability, but is nevertheless tightly written and takes robust pleasure in foregrounding everyone’s capacity for passion and foolishness at any age. Evincing perhaps the desire to exploit Fonda’s involvement as much as possible, there are perhaps a few too many scenes of her and Bruhl chatting with supposedly shocking frankness about sex while dog-walking, at the expense of exploring the rest of the characters.”  (not a problem For Daniel Bruhl Fans, I’m sure)

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